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In March of 2015, The Apartment Movers completed a one-bedroom apartment move for me in the Dallas area. They arrived about 3:30 even though I was scheduled for a morning move. One of the movers took several smoke breaks. The other mover kept taking personal calls on his cell phone which slowed him down. (After the move, I was told by the first guy that he had picked up the second guy off the side of the road. He was a day laborer and wasn't even an employee.) This caused my move to take longer than it should have and we ended up running into rush hour traffic, which prolonged the move even more. They complained several times that I had a lot of stuff and moved slowly.

I noticed scratches on the back of my couch, and mud and debris on the front of my couch at the end of my move when the movers brought my couch in. I asked the mover what it was and I stated that it looked like wet mud all over my couch. He stated that the tarp he put over the couch had mud on it. It was the same tarp that he had used to cover the ramp leading up to the trailer. Please note that it was raining that day. There were huge footprints on the couch where you could actually see the tread pattern from the sole of the shoe. They also scraped the back of the couch on the railing as they were bringing it up the stairs.They also scraped up one of my ottomans very badly.

I filed the claim exactly as instructed on March 3rd by email, along with pictures, with the claims manager. The claims manager said she had everything she needed and the claim was being processed on March 25th.

I called continuously and emailed and did not received a response back from the company. On May 18th I was told a different woman was handling claims and was given a different email address. I emailed her with no response. I called again on May 21 and was told I had the wrong email address, so I resent my email to that email address, with no response. When I called, the claims manager was not there or busy or in a meeting. I was repeatedly told that they would give her my messages and she would call back. I was also told I needed to communicate by email, which I did with no response. I also called during the day and they sometimes did not answer at all.

After numerous phone calls and emails they finally sent me a check, which I received on September 28, 2015. A whole six months later. And the check was for $25.00. All I asked for was money to get my couch cleaned. The sales rep instructed me to file the claim for the cleaning and all I got was $25. These people are unprofessional and untrustworthy. I have never had a bad moving experience. Next time I'll use Two Men and a Truck like I usually do.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "poor customer service, damaged items, did not give me enough money to have my couch cleaned as promised" of apartment movers moving service. Apartment Movers needs to "enough money to get my couch cleaned as promised!" according to poster's claims.

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